Office 365…

Personally, I believe the future of technology is already here @ cloud computing. Email is just one small example of what the technology is capable of delivering. Without realizing it, we have using it over the past 15 years or so. It’s fast, personal and the best thing is it’s accessible anywhere at anytime of the day.

Cuma kekadangnya between me and email ni, memang a love/hate relationship jadinya. Since it’s sooo easy to send out an email and the fact that it’s free 🙂 , something boleh kelemasan dengan email ni.

Ehh, melalut tah ke mana dah ni…

Back to our cloud computing thingy. Now that companies are taking it a bit further eg. office suits ~ Google Docs, photo editor ~Flickr, the future looks bright to me.

No more worries on what type of hardware and software you need to purchase. Everything is online…

Together with the current advancement in IT infrastructure especially broadband in particular, which  is considered a norm nowadays, I am all for cloud computing…

However there are a couple of things that come into my mind every time people start talking about cloud computing: Security and data privacy. Isu besar tu beb kalau tak tackle betul2 …

I’ve been using Google Apps for a while now, and when Microsoft introduced Office 365 recently, I’m kinda excited. Let see what this new kid on the block has to offer, shall we…?


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