Jemputan Untuk Pengajian Pasca Siswazah…

Alhamdullillah, just found out today that UiTM has approved my PhD application via their website. Insya Allah, if everything goes according to schedule, comes mid August I will become a full time student again.

Happy? Definitely yes. Worry? Also yes šŸ™‚ …

During the process of applying for spots last April, lot of factors that came to my mind…

Top 3 factors to consider:
Supervisor, supervisor and supervisor

and the rest:
facilities, family and convenience

Ever since the HLP result was released mid last year, I’ve interviewed a few PhD holders, asking them what should be the main factors to be considered when deciding which unis to do your PhD. Without failed, all of them unanimously said – finding the right supervisor.

And if I’m not mistaken, I’ve visited at least 4 postgraduate fairs held in the months of Jan – May ’11. Bila balik rumah, sure penuh tangan dengan beg + brochures. Finally after a long soul-searching, I settled for 2, 1 was UiTM and the other one was a public uni located at the south of the peninsula…

I thought of applying at one public uni located near my hometown as well, but after taking into consideration of the lack of supervisors specialize in construction industry, tak jadi apply…

Btw, just realized something… In 1995 – 96, I did my 1st year of my BSc at NCUK, Shah Alam which was back then a joint Degree Programme between NCUK and PPP/ITM. Now that I’m heading back to UiTM to do my Phd, feels like I’m completing my own circle of tertiary education lak, Insya Allah…


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