Another article on PhD …

PhD more than a path to academia

I’M often asked why I want to go for higher degrees such as Masters or PhD, if not to be a lecturer. I don’t think so. It is not the sole path to academia.

Are not most of Masters/PhD graduates offered a teaching post at universities and colleges nowadays? Yes, it is true; but applicable only for those who have the passion to teach.

What is remarkable about doing a Masters/PhD, I think, is that we can always find some external values, such as hard work will win over obstacles, and tangible skills can always be learned and developed.

From mistakes and experiences, we will improve ourselves by doing the next step wisely, carefully and with complete understanding.

Being a postgraduate student myself, I see research as a positive discovery of our own ignorance.

Nibong Tebal, Penang.

Interesting article. In fact just yesterday somebody was asking me,

“Nanti bile dah grad, nak jadi lecturer kat mana?”

“Insya Allah, still kat sini rasanya…”



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