Mode HLP…

Prior to the released of the study leave letter from my sponsor, there are a few things that need to be done first especially:

  • Buka account CIMB
    done last week at Jln Raja Laut’s branch, the process took less than 20 mins (elaun HLP akan terus masuk sini)
  • Plan of Study
    must see my supervisor regarding this matter, this week preferably
  • Medical Check Up
    will make an attempt to see the doc this Wednesday

Btw, the registration date is on August 14th (Sunday) while the new semester will only start on Sep 12th. Whatever it is, I’m still undecided whether to start my study leave on August 15th or Sep 12th…

I was thinking, if I start earlier, at least it would give me a head start before the classes begin a month later.

Better seek advise from my supervisor then…

Alhamdullillah, kerja2 kat opis pun dah banyak yg selesai. Within the next two weeks, there are at least 2 worshops and 1 seminar I have to attend – mode sebelum menyambut kedatangan Ramadhan Al Mubarak maybe…

Btw, as usual whenever I’m in front of a pc/laptop, the 1st thing I will do is to check Google Reader. Late this afternoon, there were a few posts on blogsphere about the news of the demise of somebody which later turned out to be false.

Yes, you can always delete your blog post as part of damage control exercise. But in today’s virtual world, once you click that ‘Submit’ button, there’s no turning back.

Take Google Reader for instance. Even though the original post is deleted from the blog, the content still appears in GReader…

Thus, be careful k?

Pesanan khidmat masyarat


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