3 – 6 …

Frankly, the 1st half was dull as dishwater. After 25 mins, I was already checking my FB and GReader, huhu…

ACaroll seemed to run out of steam, the midfield was so and so – well, I presume that’s why they call it pre-season anyway…

And then after the interval, the next best thing happened. Aquilani was in to replace CAdams. Boy oh boy, he’s really GOOD! A game-changer. Hopefully with Steven G back in the team for the home game against The Black Cats next month, both of them together with CAdams, we’ll back in the top four (have to be realistic right?) …

Btw, the freekick by HMalaya #8 was SWEEET! Awesomeness…

Some friends were asking me why wasn’t I in the stadium instead? Bukan fanatik abis ka?

Entahnya, semenjak dua menjak ni, dah jarang sangat2 pi stadium. If I’m not mistaken, the last time I was inside a stadium, it was way back in May 4th 1998; watching ManU menitik Leeds Utd at Old Trafford


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