Goal or not?

Another strong case for goal-line technology? If you ask FLampard, surely he’ll agree without any slight hesitation. Remember his disallowed goal against the Die Mannschaft in WC 2010?

The linesman assistant referee thought the ball has crossed the line. The HMalaya were definitely not amused by that decision. Including yours truly.

Still, it was an entertaining game. Better than the game against The Reds. Despite a plethora of chances, The Blues managed to score only 1 goal (debatable of course ~ well, that depends on which team you support I supposed πŸ™‚ ) against HMalaya ~ Lampard missed a sitter and our striker should have scored during that 1-on-1 with the goalie, rugi la bro…

Whatever the result was, it proves something, HMuda is definitely here to stay. Doesn’t matter if some critics said they parked the bus in front of the goalposts last nite. They’re very discipline! They have at least 10 solid years to go before they start thinking about hanging their boots. Full of potential I must say!

Oh, another thing. Next time, please don’t include anymore senior players in HMuda next time . Hilang team dynamic & cohesiveness!

Btw, Cik Novelis asked me something during the game last nite,

“Ehh, goal keeper tu baru lepas SPM ka?”

“Errr, yup. Baru dapat result 4 bulan lepas” πŸ™‚


2 responses to “Goal or not?

  1. goal keeper HM bagus daripada khairul fahmi masa lawan liverpool

  2. Setuju, standing ovation by the fans laie masa ditukarkan πŸ™‚ …

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