JB …

Off to JB this weekend for a seminar…

The last time I took MAS was back in 2009. Since then Firefly all the way.

Must NOT forget to bring laptop together. Last May @ Penang, totally terforgot to bring one. Bosan abis, huhu…

Update: Udah balik from JB 🙂 . Alhamdulillah, the seminar went well. This time around my audience was roughly 200 pax. Delivered a talk for 45 mins before giving way for the next presenter …

Thanks to the host for the wonderful hospitality. For dinner on Sunday night, we went to Anjung Warisan. Was told by the owner that his restaurant was once featured in JJCariMakan as well as a shooting location for TV3’s Dunia Anita 🙂 …

Not surprising at all, I must say. The food was delicious indeed~ tomyam, ikan 3 rasa, kailan ikan masin… And what made our dinner much more eventful, we were treated to the sound of angklung performed by this talented chap. Memang pro abis!

Oh yes, now I remember why I prefer to travel with Firefly @ Subang instead (apart from my department’s travelling policy of course).

It’s the airport!

Huhuhu… Jauhnya nak sampai ke gate A11. 3 kali naik moving sidewalk belum tentu sampai lagi. Kalau kat Subang, tak sampai 5 mins dah masuk ke departure hall.

Still to be fair, it’s an international airport. Sah2 kena banyak gate to cater for all the airlines…


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