2nd offer…

Alhamdullilah, last week I received another offer letter from the other uni that I applied for last May. After giving it much consideration, I’ve decided to stick to my decision taken earlier to choose UiTM.

Undoubtedly, a lot of factors were considered. The one and foremost of course was the SV. After 3 fruitful meetings with Dr. F, I know I’ve made the right and sound decision.

Before this I was quite skeptical whether I’m ready to do my PhD, but the worries just went away after listening to his advice 🙂 …

For this I have to thank my FB’s friend who’s currently undertaking her PhD @ Salford. She was the person responsible in suggesting Dr. F to me.

Next the family factor came into play. When I threw out the idea to Girl2 that we might be moving down south next month, she was like ‘What?!’. Hahaha… The thought of leaving her BFFs definitely was the last thing on her mind currently…

Update: Went to the clinic today to pick up my medical check up’s result. Alhamdulillah, semua A Ok. The status – “Medically Fit”. Sekarang cuma tinggal nak gi mati setem kat LHDN for Surat Perjanjian. Insya Allah, next week boleh ler gi ke JPA untuk hantar semua dokumen. I loike 🙂 …

Btw, while I was going thru some files, I came across a resit dated back in July 2006 issued by a clinic @ Segambut where the four of us went for our medical check up prior flying off to Troy.

Guess how much we were charged back then? RM350 untuk 4 orang. Ehhh, betul ker? Apsal murah lak banding sekarang. Kompius sekejap…


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