Mati setem…

Among the documents that need to be submitted to JPA were 3 copies of Borang Perjanjian. And this agreement form must be stamped by LHDN first (biasa kita panggil mati setem). Three copies meaning RM30 worth of setem hasil @ RM10 each…

The stamp is readily available at any post offices. The one nearest to my office is Medan Tunku’s. Went there last Thursday and requested for RM10 setem hasil, unfortunately they’re out of it. Thus RM5’s will do for me…

Next, I made my way to LHDN @ Jalan Duta. Parking pun satu cerita di sini. The easiest way will be to park your car @ Medan Selera opposite the office. At the counter, there was this form that I needed to fill out first. The terms stated in it were quite alien at first, luckily there were a few officers around to help those in need like me 🙂 .

Once my number was called, presented the agreement forms, and walla! Stamped sudah! Selesai satu cerita! 🙂


2 responses to “Mati setem…

  1. Hi! Can I ask you something? Does the mati setem date have to be the same as the date the saksi signs the perjanjian for us? Thanks! 🙂

    • The date on the agreement form is actually the date when you get it stamping. Just leave the date section blank for the time being. When you bring it to LHDN for stamping, there’ll be a form you need to fill in – in which during that time you fill in the current date. Hope this helps!

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