Salinan Perakuan Pendaftaran Kenderaan…

Or better known as Geran Kereta dan yg sewaktu dengannya…

Lost yours? Not a prob, the process of getting a copy of it is quite straight forward…

Since I’m back in my hometown for Aid Fitri celebration, took the opportunity to visit JPJ Caw Anak Bukit this morning – just found out my KAU’s is MIA.

The Federal Government Administrative Complex which house several offices was easily to located at first. But to pinpoint the exact location I was heading to was quite an adventure though through lack of signage (hopefully, a plan to install them is underway).

At the end, I have to ask a couple of guards for directions.

At the counter, I was asked to fill out two copies of Borang JPJ K7. Took me a couple of mins to complete them – the form is quite well designed and the terms used are easy to apprehend which explained the minimal amount I took.

And oh yes, you’ll be needing a photostat copy of your IC as well. Ouch! Didn’t have it with you? No prob, you can have it done over there. Kena bayaq le skit, 2 kupang 🙂 …

Waited for 5 mins before my number was up. Greeted the officer behind counter before handing him the docs. Lastly to complete the whole process, RM50 exchanged hands – as fee.

Signed here, signed there. Done!

I’m a happy man 🙂 …

Update: Further details on the overall process can be found on this link. Btw, it was raining quite heavily this morning. In fact since the day we got back, hujan tiap2 hari kat ASKed ni. Alhamdulillah…


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