About me…

November 2010
It has been 2 great years since the four of us got back from the States. Atiqah is now in 3 Baiduri while Aqif is in 1 Baiduri (suprise2) – our little boy dah besar rupanya.

As for the family’s favorite novelis, Cik Ayu Emelda is scheduled to submit her 4th manuscript in a few days time. Her 3rd novel, Cinta Kepala Batu did well in the market and received good receptions from the reader.

Moi? I have just completed a 6-month preparation course @ INTAN, BukitKiara en route to further my studies, again…

If everything goes according to schedule, I plan to register as a Ph.D research student somewhere in the mid of next year.

Location? Most likely at the public university nearest to my home – you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out this one (hint – just refer to my blog’s name, huhu…)

June 2008
I’m currently in the middle of completing
Alhamdulillah, I have successfully completed my MS in Technical Communiation @ RPI, Troy, New York. Troy is a small town (kurang lebih macam Baling, Kedah je 😉 ), around a three-hour drive from the Big Apple, New York City.

Insya Allah, if everything goes well according to plan, I will be heading back to tanahair tercinta, Malaysia somewhere in the middle of next year (can’t wait!). We’re now back in Malaysia as of June’ 08 and suddenly we just realised, we miss Troy so much that we wish we were back there pulak, huhu…

Accompanying me in the States are were my beloved wife, Ayu and our two young and wonderful children, Atiqah and Aqif. Kasih Dania, Ayu’s second novel was released last May (of ’07).

As for Atiqah, she is really looking forward to start her kindergarten on September of 2007 now in 2 Intan di salah sebuah yang paling dekat dengan rumah (so that mamanya senang nak hantar and pick her up) and Aqif, well, let’s just put this this way: boys will always be boys 🙂 .


4 responses to “About me…

  1. comel betul la atiqah dan afiq nih.

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