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Back to school mode ;) …

After 3 years of leaving kampung Troy, guess what? Come tomorrow, I’ll be a full time student again – back to school.

Only this time around, Alhamdulillah, the school is just a stone’s throw away from my house which can only means one thing; no more long commute a.k.a kena kuar rumah @ 6:30 pg lagi 🙂 .

This journey will undoubtedly be unique from any journeys that I have experienced till date. Surely there’ll be ups and downs but what ever it is, hidup perlu diteruskan…

Ya Allah, Kami memohon kejayaan dalam setiap ketentuan,
tempat para syuhada’dan kehidupan orang-orang bahagia
serta kemenangan mengatasi musuh.

Update: I planned to blog @ my Ph.D Journey on daily basis all the way through my post grad student years, Insya Allah. Kalau tak dapat 1 para, 1 ayat pun jadi ler…