When I was completing my MS at Troy, I was somehow lucky to have an awesome Prof. by the name of Dr. Krull who was absolutely amazing in analysing and describing how human cognition works .

One of the things which I still remember  till now and always reminded myself  is that our brain is only good at doing things one at a time

Yes, I know some of us are good at multitasking but I believe the outcome will not be as good as if we decide to tackle one task and then follows by the others .

That’s exactly why I’m totally against using mobile phone while driving; it doesn’t matter whether you’re holding it (worst) or using bluetooth (bad) or via whatever technology they will introduce in the near future…

You do realise right, once you’ve engaged in a conversation, part of your working brain needs to compute of what to say next or what kind of decision you have to make. And oh yeah, while you’re at that, there’s another thing you need to concentrate on as well. Like DRIVING the car!

So (tengah emo nie), just imagine how did I react when I read about this article on car manufacturers are beginning to introduce Internet to be part of the dashboard. Buatnya masa tengah drive tu, masa tu gak nak jawab tipon, then la2 tu jugak nak check FB. Kalau jadi apa2, sapa nak jawab…


One response to “Distraction…

  1. I ada baca that artikel, about Ford going to invent such thing. I like it (sebab I hantu net), but what came to my mind that time was, the driver would be bored because I imagine all the passengers would be hooked on the internet and not sembang n melayan the driver hehehe. The driver of kos cannot layan the net kan? Sangat bahaya.

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