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PSP 2000 a.k.a. PSP Slim

Same price as the old one ($169.99). Just a little bit slimmer and lighter. Game play is still the same, but faster download game load time. The kewl thing is you can hook it to a cable and view the games on tv. Early birthday present maybe?


Selamat Pengantin Baru Kumre!

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Back in our A-Level years, he was so super duper good in football sampaikan coach team lawan selalu nak tarik dia main untuk team diaorang 😉 . Masa di Salford, we managed to import Kumre once for Piala Perantau (susah betul nak amik dia main pasal team lain nak dia jugak, so kena advanced booking dulu). He literally single-handedly guided our team to the final with his amazing left foot 🙂 . Selamat Pengantin Baru Kumre!

Southern California’s fire inferno

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As I’m writing this, CNN continues to show images captured of the wildfires disaster that’s currently spreading in Southern California. It’s day 3 now. Almost 1/2 million Californian had been evacuated. More than 1,300 homes were burnt to the ground. President Bush has declared a state of emergency to pave way for federal disaster relief. There are also fears that the winds may force the 3 major fires to become one monster blaze. Things are definitely not looking very good over the next a couple of days 😦 .

Berlumba-lumba, Bukan Bersaing

Setelah hampir 3 semester di Rensselaer, salah satu perkara yang jelas saya perhatikan dan rasakan di sini ialah budaya berlumba-lumba, bukan bersaing. Masing2 berlumba2 untuk menghasilkan mutu kerja yang baik, tak kisah assignments mahupun projects. Kalau melihat ada yang tersangkut, pasti ramai yang akan membantu.

Di dalam kelas Typography sebagai contohnya, assignment perlu dihantar pada setiap hari Khamis. Pada hari Isnin sebelumnya, seisi Design Critiques akan diadakan. Di dalam waktu ini, kesemua pelajar akan memberi a 5-minute presentation untuk berkongsi maklumat mengenai assignment masing2. Selesai presentation tersebut, rakan2 lain akan memberi pendapat mengenai cara2 untuk meningkatkan lagi kualiti kerja tersebut. Ilmu sentiasa dikongsi bersama. Bagus kan? 😉

Spring ’08

Spring ’08 will be my last semester here in RPI, Insya Allah. I’m contemplating to take 5 courses instead of the standard 4. Among these five subjects, two of them: Studio Design in HCI and Interface Design are required in order to complete certificates in Human Computer Interactions and Graphic Design. The remaining three are Web and Database Programming, Information Architecture and HCI Prototype Production.

Sage Building: Most of my classes are taught here…

As Tech Comm is about conveying usable information about a specific topic to an intended audience thus knowledge in HCI and Graphic Design will be beneficial to me. As we all know, the world nowadays all about ubiquitous computers and technologies, therefore a cert in HCI is a must. Furthermore my passion is in web technologies. And in order to design that aesthetically pleasing website, knowledge in Graphic Design would come in handy. Hmm by the way, I just realized something…

HCI = Logical, Sequential, Analytical, Looks at parts = Left Brain
Graphic Design = Random, Subjective, Looks at wholes = Right Brain

Interesting eh? 😉

My name is Khairina…

PS3 anybody?

Sony just announced a $100 price cut to their edge-cutting technologies game console, Playstation 3 starting Nov 2. 40Gb version will now be $400 while the 80Gb is $500. I know it, you know it and I believed even Sony know it that PS3 costs too much. But wait, didn’t I read somewhere that the “Father of PlayStation”, Ken Kutaragi even had the courage to declare Sony’s price for the PS3 was “probably too cheap”?

Anyway continue on, it’s about time that the price cut was announced. With the holiday session is just a couple of months shy, Sony definitely need to beef up their sales. And don’t forget, Wii is now selling outselling PS3 by 5 to 1. Who can ever imagined that?

When Wii was first announced, ramai yang pandang sebelah mata je. Yes, PS3 is more powerful when it comes to performance etc, but Wii provides something even better. Interactive gameplay and intuitive physical gestures technologies. Just imagine the fun to be able to play tennis and bowling with your family at the comfort of your own home with these interactive and intuitive non-traditional technologies? Furthermore, take a look at their target audience. Wii has a rather wider audience compares to the niche group of teen males Sony has traditionally targeted.

I think probably someone at Nintendo read about Blue Ocean Strategy and came out with this innovative idea. Instead of direct head to head competition, why not if we just create a new and an uncontested market and thus make your competitors irrelevant. Yup, why not 🙂 ? Why not indeed…